Why Us

Why Global 3D Labs?

Global 3D Labs is currently the leading manufacturer of industrial and desktop 3D printers in India. With our high quality and cost effective machines, we aim to make 3D printing more accessible and affordable globally.

We take immense pride in manufacturing the widest range of 3D Printers (FFF or Fused Deposition Modelling) in India, ranging from a build volume of 20x20x20 cm going all the way upto 100x100x100 cm. Our goal as the high-precision industry leader of 3D printer companies, is to change the way parts are made with a simple click, one industry at a time. We take pride in quality, consistency, and integrity in our products and work to produce the most advanced FFF machines on the market today.

Being the pioneers of 3D printing in India, we have had the privilege to serve a wide range of clients, some of which are different large and small scale industries, research centres, engineers, designers, hobbyists and medical professionals.

Why 3D Printing?

3D printing is reshaping and revitalizing our industries and the world for better. It is gaining popularity because a lot of businesses and industries are benefitting from it. Nowadays almost everything from automotive components to toys are getting built with the help of 3D printers. With 3D printing, companies can now experiment with new ideas and numerous design iterations with no extensive time or expense. 3D printing can save you money and material over subtractive manufacturing techniques in which material is removed by cutting, drilling or shaving, as very little raw material is wasted.

Why is 3D printing growing rapidly? Why does every industry require 3D printers? Traditional manufacturing techniques take at least weeks to make a single prototype. Moreover, traditional manufacturing is expensive. Now, 3D printers can be bought at low costs and with one 3D printer, multiple prototypes can be made, that too, in a matter of hours. This saves time and reduces costs to a great extent. And 3D printing is not just benefitting a single industries, but almost every single industry, that includes automotive, aerospace, education, architecture, consumer goods and so on.

How will 3D printing help you?

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