3D printing can now easily help manufacture customized tooth implants with the help of 3D designing and virtual simulation, reducing the lead time easily by 90-95%.


The entire concept of prosthetics has been revolutionized as one can now easily print a customized prosthetic limb in no time. 3D printing has proved to be the fastest and most adaptable for prosthetic production. 3D printing also allows printing of patient specific anatomical parts to help surgeons conduct a Demo surgery enabling them to critically plan their surgical procedures, enhancing their precision leaving no scope of error.


This concept is still fairly new and with the dedicated research going on, we will reach a stage of printing customized fully functioning organs to reduce the dependency on human organ transplants. The future holds a lot of potential for 3D printing in the medical industry as we will be able to make customized blood vessels, drugs, prosthetic bones, heart valves, synthetic skin, and organs.


se are devices worn by people to support their body structure from deforming over a period of time. 3D printing allows several ways to simplify customization by using 3D scanning. It has significantly reduced the amount of time required to deliver orthotic devices to patients.


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