● Jewellery
Precision and attention to details are the key aspects of Jewellery making; allowing 3D printing to fit perfectly into the domain. With the process of Additive Manufacturing, a Jeweler is enabled to 3D design and print a highly detailed wax model, which is later used to make molds. Supplementing traditional processes like ‘handcrafting’ and ‘lost-wax’ casting with digital techniques allows new possibilities in design and production for the Jewelers, as well as exciting new customization options for the customers.
● Footwear
The fashion industry adopted 3D printing early on and with great success. Customization has now replaced standardization, each product tailored to meet customers’ tastes and preferences. 3D printing helps create products that require multiple iterations and also satisfies the increasing customized demands of the consumers, significantly helping the footwear manufacturing companies to produce customizable, perfectly-fitted shoes for individuals without the additional cost for its customization.
● Accessories
3D printing has provided a new platform for designers to experiment with geometry without any designing limitations. The versatility of this technology ensures successful production of uncompromised ideas.


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