Our latest FDM Printers can print with High Temp Materials like PEEK, ULTEM & Carbon Fiber

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The cost effective, tool-less production of lightweight components using 3D printing reduce fuel consumption, material costs and CO2 emission.


3D printing helps create accurate building models for better understanding of the layout. Concrete printing will soon pave way for affordable living.


The Additive Manufacturing technology aids the production of surgical cutting and drill guides, prosthetics and patient specific replicas of bones, organs and blood vessels.


3D printing helps the various stages of automobile production; from the functional prototyping phases to design and tooling production and finally manufacturing of final end-use parts.


Advancements in the 3D printing technology, equipment and materials has resulted in costs being driven down, making it a more feasible option for general manufacturing applications.


Education holds the key to unlocking the true potential of human ingenuity. Integrating 3D printing in education exposes eager learners and future creators to stay adept with tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology.

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“Pramaan products are highly satisfactory and their technical support and services are exemplary.”

Gp Capt (Retd)BS Phillora

Dean of Studies, Head M&T, Design & Prototyping Centre


“We purchased Pramaan 200 in 2018 and are highly satisfied with the quality of their product”

H.N. Bhargav

Principal Scientist,


“The Pramaan printers are the finest 3D printers available in the Indian market today. We are estremely satisfied with the product and service quality”

Dr. Arvind Kumar

Mechanical Engineering Department

IIT Kanpur


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